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    What is the content of your performances / workshops?

    Each performance / workshop is tailored to best suit your needs.

    Each session is highly interactive and full of family-friendly laughs!

    Sessions can be run in English, Japanese or a mix of both!

    Generally, each session runs for about 1 Hour and includes:

    - Kyōgen (traditional Japanese comic theatre)

    - Rakugo (traditional Japanese comic storytelling)

    - open Q&A time with the audience


    What age audience do your performances / workshops suit?

    0 - 200 years old! Sessions are tailored to suit any age!


    What do you require to perform?

    If possible, for my performances / workshops, I would like:

    - a microphone (Head mic if possible, other wise handheld is fine)

    - a drama block or small stage (to place my rug and cushion to sit on)


    For workshops, I also recommend:

    - an open area for students to move around in (i.e.. best if students sit on the floor)


    Do you perform interstate / internationally?

    YES! I love travelling all around Australia, Japan and beyond to perform and run workshops! I recommend organising a group of schools / venues / group bookings, to help keep everyone's investments (costs) down!


    How much do your performances / workshops cost?

    Open to negotiation


    Each performance / workshop is tailored to best suit your needs:

    - length of session(s)

    - number of session(s)

    - size of audience in each session

    - your budget

    - age / abilities of audience in each session

    - any special requests for your school / group / event


    When are you available?

    Please check the Tour Date section of this website.

    For specific date enquiries, please email Jarrod at:



    Please feel free to contact Jarrod with any questions, suggestions or requests!




    Thank you for your help and support!

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!