• Jarrod Hoare • ジャロ

    A bilingual performing artist, who educates and inspires! Kyōgen and Rakugo Specialist!

    バイリンガルのパフォーミングアーティスト!笑いとインスピレーションたっぷり! 狂言と落語のスペシャリスト!

  • 『笑う門には福来る』

    ”Good fortune and happiness come to those who smile and laugh!”

    JARROD HOARE - Performing Artist

    Specialising in traditional Japanese arts of Kyōgen (comic theatre) and Rakugo (comic storytelling)

    Jarrod was the proud recipient of the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Japan Travel Fund, thanks to Arts South Australia.

    In Japan, he had the honour of training under Kyōgen legend, Mr Senzaburo Shigeyama in Kyoto and Rakugo masters, Mr Katsura Asakichi and Mr Katsura Kaishi in Osaka.

    Majoring in Japanese language at Griffith University, and having lived in Japan for several years, Jarrod is a confident communicator in Japanese, with a distinct Kansai accent!

    His deep understanding of Japanese culture, along with his fluent Japanese language abilities, allow Jarrod to perform effortlessly in both Japanese and English.

    Throughout Australia, Japan and beyond, Jarrod tailors interactive performances and workshops to suit the needs of students, teachers, festivals and community groups.

    He is passionate about building bridges of cultural and artistic exchange.

    Whilst respecting cultural traditions, Jarrod is excited to further explore the development of contemporary work possibilities.

  • Hawthorndene Primary School (SA)

    Thank you Jarrod-san for such a wonderful, fun and engaging performance for our students! It was a great way to start our special Cherry Blossom day; the students loved their first taste of Kyōgen and Rakugo! ありがとうございます!

    The Japan Foundation, Sydney

    .インテンシブセミナーでは、Special Lecturerをしてくださり、ありがとうございました。笑いとアイデアいっぱいの時間になりました。短い時間の中でも先生方からたくさんのアイデアが出てきて私たちもとても驚きました。お忙しい中、ご協力くださりありがとうございました。楽しいコラボレーションをありがとうございました。今後ともどうぞよろしくお願いします!

    Woodcroft Primary School (SA)

    Thank you so much for today. The children and teachers loved your performance! You understood the students so well! Hope to see you again next year!

    The Melbourne International School of Japanese (VIC)


    Japanese Language Teachers Association of South Australia (JLTASA)

    Thank you, Jarrod. A wonderful performance!


    Huntingdale Primary School (VIC)


    OzAsia Festival

    On behalf of the OzAsia team, I would like to thank you so incredibly much for your invaluable support and contribution towards a spectacular Moon Lantern Festival!

    Japanese Language Teachers Association of Victoria (JLTAV)

    Many thanks for your presentation at the 2017 JLTAV Annual Conference. I am truly inspired by your knowledge and passion for teaching Japanese. I wish you the very best for 2017 and I hope you are able to support our 2018 conference.

  • Tour Dates



    May 6 - 8



    May 12 - 29


    "Why Learn Japanese?"

    JLTAV Event, Melbourne

    May 31



    June 17 - 29



    July 2 - 5 (TBC)



    July 23 - 31 (TBC)



    August 27 - 31 (TBC)


    Currently based in Adelaide, South Australia

  • FAQ


    What is the content of your performances / workshops?

    Each performance / workshop is tailored to best suit your needs.

    Each session is highly interactive and full of family-friendly laughs!

    Sessions can be run in English, Japanese or a mix of both!

    Generally, each session runs for about 1 Hour and includes:

    - Kyōgen (traditional Japanese comic theatre)

    - Rakugo (traditional Japanese comic storytelling)

    - open Q&A time with the audience


    What age audience do your performances / workshops suit?

    0 - 200 years old! Sessions are tailored to suit any age!


    What do you require to perform?

    If possible, for my performances / workshops, I would like:

    - a microphone (Head mic if possible, other wise handheld is fine)

    - a drama block or small stage (to place my rug and cushion to sit on)


    For workshops, I also recommend:

    - an open area for students to move around in (i.e.. best if students sit on the floor)


    Do you perform interstate / internationally?

    YES! I love travelling all around Australia, Japan and beyond to perform and run workshops! I recommend organising a group of schools / venues / group bookings, to help keep everyone's investments (costs) down!


    How much do your performances / workshops cost?

    Open to negotiation


    Each performance / workshop is tailored to best suit your needs:

    - length of session(s)

    - number of session(s)

    - size of audience in each session

    - your budget

    - age / abilities of audience in each session

    - any special requests for your school / group / event


    When are you available?

    Please check the Tour Date section of this website.

    For specific date enquiries, please email Jarrod at:



    Please feel free to contact Jarrod with any questions, suggestions or requests!




    Thank you for your help and support!

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!


  • Contact Jarrod


    Adelaide, Australia
    +61 0435996117